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Maple leaves in shades of green and yellow with black dots known as maple tar spot.

What are Those Spots on My Maple Leaves?

Maple tar spot is a fungal disease that affects the leaves of maple trees and a few other species as well. While not fatal in itself, it looks unhealthy and can be a sign of additional, more serious tree health issues.
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A spongy month caterpillar, with its distinctive rows of blue and red dots, hangs off a leaf.

Are Your Trees Being Destroyed by Spongy Moth Caterpillars?

Spongy moth caterpillars are an invasive species capable of decimating trees in New York and other northeastern states. Intentionally introduced in the 1800s for the silk trade, this moth species causes significant damage every year. Though the moth is ere to stay, there are several methods you can use to slow their spread including following mandated spongy moth quarantines, killing the caterpillars and adult moths, destroying their egg masses, using traps, and using good tree health management to make your trees less susceptible to spongy moth infestation.
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Closeup of a hemlock branch with a hemlock wooly adelgid infestation.

Check for Signs of Hemlock Wooly Adelgid on your Trees this Winter

Hemlock Wooly Adelgid (HWA) is a pest that is killing many hemlock trees in New York and throughout the Northeast United States. Read this article to know the signs that will help you spot hemlock wooly adelgid in your hemlock tree.
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Signs of tree disease with brown leaf edges in the Hudson Valley, New York.

Trees Can Get Sick, Too – How to Prevent and Treat Tree Pests and Diseases

It is important to consider the health of your trees to help prevent tree pests and diseases. Read the post to learn more about plant health care actions to take to keep trees free of pest and disease.
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Close-up of a stump grinder grinding out a tree stump on a residential property.

Answers to Your Questions about Tree Stump Grinding

You can have a stump ground out of your yard after a tree removal due to a number of reasons including safety risks. However, there are information that you need to know before you decide to get a tree stump grinding service. Read this article to know answers to frequently asked questions about stump grinding.
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Swarms of adult spotted lanternflies cover a tree branch.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spotted Lanternflies in New York

Spotted Lantern Fly is a serious pest that is now rapidly spreading in New York. Read this article to know how to spot this insect and how you can help stop the spread to the surrounding areas.
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A small, recently-planted evergreen tree with mounds of dirt, a shovel, and other planting tools.

When is the Best Time to Plant Evergreens?

There are many things to consider when it comes to planting evergreens, such as the mature size that a plant or tree will grow to, the amount of sunlight needed, and more. This article discusses things about evergreens and when is the best time to plant them in your Hudson Valley properties.
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A fallen tree during winter season.

Stormy Weather and Your Trees

Stormy weather can cause danger not only to people but also to trees! Damages can be visible as broken branches and downed trees or invisible ones that require the keen eye and skills of a tree care experts. Learn what are those tree damages caused by extreme weather conditions and the danger they pose when left unattended.
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The canopy of a tree that was pruned incorrectly, or topped.

The Cost of Poor Tree Care

Opting to choose cheap tree care services in the hopes of saving some money will only disappoint you. With the cheap tree service often also gives poor quality tree works which will cost you much more than you have imagined. In addition, your trees will suffer. Here's how to decide wisely on choosing tree services.
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Best Time to Prune Trees & Shrubs in the Hudson Valley

Should you prune trees in spring, summer, fall, or winter? It depends! See the pros and cons of each and find the best time to prune your trees.
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Your 5-Step Tree Inspection Guide

Learn the five things to look for that will tell you if your tree is healthy or if it needs professional tree care services.
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Don’t Let Construction or Landscaping Kill Your Trees

Most people don't realize the huge impact that landscaping and construction projects have on nearby trees. So before you start, learn the simple steps that will help eliminate surprises and reduce overall project costs.
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