Stormy Weather and Your Trees

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A fallen tree during winter season.

Severe weather can have a devastating impact on trees and your landscape, from broken branches to completely uprooted trees.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the dangers to be aware of as it relates to your trees and weather.

Read below about:

  • What to check for after severe weather
  • How storms can impact your trees
  • How winter weather can impact your trees
  • The danger of downed trees
  • When to call in a professional

A tree with huge cut in its branch pose a safety risk in the property and people.

Inspect Your Trees After Severe Weather

Whether from a blizzard, thunderstorm, or high winds, it’s a good idea to check over your trees after any kind of extreme weather.

Check for:

  • broken or hanging branches
  • damaged bark
  • upheaval around the tree roots (saturated soil can lead to leaning or uprooted trees)
  • cracked limbs or sections of the tree
  • any leaning to your tree that wasn’t there previously

Of course, not all damage can be spotted from the ground or may be recognized by property owners, which is why we suggest scheduling a professional tree inspection.

Trees bent over from the weight of ice.

Ice or Heavy Snow on Trees

While the words “storm damage” probably bring to mind summer thunderstorms, your trees can become damaged any time of year. In fact, heavy snow and ice can pile up on your tree even without storm conditions.

If snow or ice is weighing down your trees, what should you do?

Your inclination may be to hit the ice or snow off of the trees, but we don’t recommend doing so. You may damage the tree further. We also don’t recommend “washing” the snow or ice off with a hose, as that water will then freeze and add more ice to what was already there.

What you should do is wait for the ice and snow to melt and then check your tree for any signs of damage.

Learn about winter tree care here.

A downed tree across a residential pathway after a storm.

The Danger of Downed or Damaged Trees

When storm-damaged trees fall in the forest, no one hears or probably even notices. But when trees fall in the city or suburbs, everybody nearby knows about it!

Downed trees present a serious hazard to each person in the neighborhood. Broken branches, trunks and branches under extreme tension, leaning trees – all of these conditions can quickly result in injury, further damage, and even fatalities.

Even if downed or broken trees have not damaged your house, garage, or other buildings, they continue to present a potential hazard. When the next storm hits, those broken bits can get caught in heavy winds, flying into nearby windows and vehicles. Cracked tree trunks and large branches attract wildlife, pets, and people, resulting in accidents and further injury.

Call the Tree Experts at Hill Treekeepers

Hazardous tree removal involves more than clean-up. Downed trees must be handled carefully, cut up, and broken down with heavy-duty equipment designed for safe, efficient removal.

Professional tree removal services assess conditions and tackle the removal project carefully, dissecting the broken limbs piece by piece and leaving your property clean, safe, and clear of potential dangers.

When dry weather conditions leave your trees vulnerable to strong summer storms, downed trees are the inevitable result. Keep your family safe by calling in the experts to perform hazardous tree removal as soon as possible. This service eliminates further risk and helps your family and property recover quickly from seasonal storms.

Industrial-sized wood chippers break down even the largest trees quickly, providing homeowners with valuable natural mulch. Established tree removal firms can also dispose of these wood chips, recycling the wood and helping to preserve our environment.

Check for any issues listed above. You can contact Hill Treekeepers for inspection or call 914-214-7045 for emergency tree removal services.

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