Best Time to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs | Winter 2012 – 2013

As I write this, winter is upon us and thinking of sleeping trees and shrubs is likely not on your mind, but it should be. The dormant season is the preferred time for pruning most shade and ornamental trees. We’re available for this work, so read on!

winter pruning

Now is the winter of our trees’ content, if you will

The dormant season is the preferred time for pruning most shade and ornamental trees. Dormancy refers to the time after the leaves have fallen in the fall, and before the new leaves emerge in the spring. There are a variety of benefits provided by performing pruning operations during this period. Foremost, work is completed with less disruption at a time when the yard is less intensely used and the ground is firm.Work can proceed more efficiently—a saving of both time and money.

Not only does it make good ¢ent$, it’s good for the trees themselves

Trees respond to dormant pruning with a consistent growth response. Moreover, dormant pruning is a stimulating process. Pruning wounds often close faster when made in the winter than those made in the summer. Also, there is less disease and insect presence because they are also inactive during this time. Additionally, because the foliage is not in the way, pruning during the dormant season allows our arborists to more quickly evaluate the structure of the tree and identify any needed modification. Efficiency is also increased because the limbs weigh less and are more easily handled without the substantial weight of the foliage.

Year round tree care allows Hill Treekeepers to stand by our commitment to our staff, providing us with the incentive to professional field crews with unmatched, unrivaled talent, and longevity to skillfully tend to your trees and shrubs. Plants are like infants, they have their own requirements which must be met regardless of the schedule of those around them. For example, many trees can only be transplanted in the first few weeks of spring before the onset of growth. Others, like birch or elms, require precisely timed applications to keep them healthy.

By working with you to perform as much tree pruning as possible during the ideal dormant period, we gain the additional benefit of being available to tend to your trees’ other needs at precisely the proper time. Planning your tree care to be accomplished during the winter provides the greatest benefit to your trees and optimal service to you.

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