What are Those Spots on My Maple Leaves?

Maple leaves in shades of green and yellow with black dots known as maple tar spot.

Maple tar spot is a fungal disease that affects the leaves of maple trees and a few other species as well. While not fatal in itself, it looks unhealthy and can be a sign of additional, more serious tree health issues.

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When is the Best Time to Plant Evergreens?

A small, recently-planted evergreen tree with mounds of dirt, a shovel, and other planting tools.

There are many things to consider when it comes to planting evergreens, such as the mature size that a plant or tree will grow to, the amount of sunlight needed, and more. This article discusses things about evergreens and when is the best time to plant them in your Hudson Valley properties.

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Stormy Weather and Your Trees

A fallen tree during winter season.

Stormy weather can cause danger not only to people but also to trees! Damages can be visible as broken branches and downed trees or invisible ones that require the keen eye and skills of a tree care experts. Learn what are those tree damages caused by extreme weather conditions and the danger they pose when left unattended.

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The Real Cost of Cheap Tree Care

The canopy of a tree that was pruned incorrectly, or topped.

Opting to choose cheap tree care services in the hopes of saving some money will only disappoint you. With the cheap tree service often also gives poor quality tree works which will cost you much more than you have imagined. In addition, your trees will suffer. Here’s how to decide wisely on choosing tree services.

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