Tree Service in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

Professional Tree Service  from the Cornwall-on-Hudson Tree Care Experts  

At Hill Treekeepers, our ISA-certified arborists provide top quality tree services in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. We have the licensing, certification, and equipment to manage tree removal, stump grinding, storm damage clean-up, urban tree removal, large tree removal with a crane, tree trimming, and more for both residential and commercial customers.

Our Tree Services in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

We have all appropriate certifications, insurance, and permits for tree work in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY, including tree care workers insurance rather than just landscapers insurance to protect our workers and your property under our insurance policy. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for our tree care services, including:

The team is so knowledgeable, reliable and genuinely nice, pleasant people. The work is reasonably priced. It’s always a pleasure to do business with Hill Treekeepers!

Andrea Payne

Why We Enjoy Caring for Trees in Cornwall-on-Hudson

Cornwall-on-Hudson is a beautiful destination just an hour's drive away from New York City and it has majestic views of the river. Visitors can take advantage of the serene mountain feel and go for a hike, or even check out the stunning views along scenic route 218 to West Point, which is open seasonally. Perhaps best of all, there's a real small town vibe in Cornwall-on-Hudson too, despite its status as a wealthy village it retains much of its unique character and there are plenty of community events to attend throughout the year. Whether you're looking for peace and quiet or a lively nightlife, Cornwall-on-Hudson is sure to have something on offer for everyone.

Why Choose Hill Treekeepers?

  • Emergency tree service

  • Licensed & insured

  • Trusted & recommended by Cornwall-on-Hudson customers

  • Experienced tree care professionals

  • Free estimates

If your tree is overgrown, unsightly or blocking the view, let us prune it properly.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

When trees die, become damaged in a storm, or have structural weaknesses that make them hazardous to nearby structures or people, we recommend tree removal. Our services include:

  • Dangerous tree removal
  • Hazardous tree removal
  • Large tree removal
  • Dead tree removal
  • Urban tree removal
  • Emergency tree removal
  • Tree removal with a crane

Tree removal can pose a danger to you, other people, healthy trees nearby, and your home if you attempt to cut down or haul a tree yourself. Trust our experts to climb any trees that require removal, take it down in pieces, and haul the tree away safely.

If you remove a tree that has an active fungal infection or insect infestation, you need to avoid dragging it past healthy trees on your property to reduce the chance of transmission. At Hill Treekeepers, we can safely remove these trees and apply preventive measures against spreading an infection or infestation to healthy trees nearby.

We also offer stump grinding as either an add-on service to tree removal or as an independent service to remove existing stumps on your property. Stumps not only look bad, but they can be a tripping hazard or damage yard equipment such as lawn mowers. Additionally, stumps can attract tree diseases and pests, leaving healthy trees in your yard vulnerable.



Hill Treekeepers were fantastic to work with. My husband and I knew nothing about trees and plants. Todd explained everything we needed to know to make our property look beautiful. Todd returns all messages quickly. His team is wonderful. I cannot praise Hill TreeKeepers enough. They will be a part of our household for years. We will certainly need them to keep these beautiful trees and plants looking great. Remember, I started with we knew nothing. Lol.


Tree Trimming and Pruning

We offer several types of tree pruning, including property protection pruning and structural pruning. Our tree trimming services offer several solutions to improve the strength, appearance, and size of your trees. Ask us about what tree pruning services you need, including:

  • Crown raising
  • Structural pruning
  • Tree reduction
  • Thinning
  • Vista pruning
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Restoration pruning

Regular tree trimming and pruning can help you manage your tree’s growth and improve the growth pattern to build a strong, beautiful tree that resists damage during high winds and heavy snow.

Arborist Services and Consultations

Our certified arborists offer a range of specialized services to protect tree health and support their growth, including:

  • Cabling and bracing
  • Tree hazard assessments
  • Pre-construction inspections
  • Tree planting or transplanting
  • Lightning protection

We offer a free quote with fair pricing for the work we recommend for the trees on your property and will never bait and switch an estimate. If you aren’t sure if you need arborist services for the trees on your property, see these five things to look for when inspecting a tree from our blog.


We had 4 trees taken down and 3 trees trimmed. The crew was knowledgeable, polite, and thorough. They did an excellent job both with the work and cleaning up after themselves. I would recommend them to anybody.

Keith Beckham

Insect Pest and Disease Treatment and Prevention

Our tree services in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY, include inspecting, diagnosing, treating, and preventing insect pest infestations and disease infections from fungi and bacteria. We treat and prevent for several diseases and pests, including:

  • Aphids
  • Apple Scab
  • Anthracnose
  • Boxwood Blight
  • Boxwood Leafminer
  • Dutch Elm Disease
  • Oak Wilt
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Gypsy Moth
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • Needlecast & Needle Blight
  • Scale Insects
  • Spider Mites
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Spotted Lanternfly
  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Fireblight
  • Hemlock Wooly Adelgid
  • Ticks & Mosquitoes

Emergency Tree Service and Storm Damage Clean-Up

We offer 24/7 emergency tree service for downed branches or toppled trees that landed on your home. No matter how serious, never try to remove a storm-damaged tree yourself. Downed trees are unstable and can roll over when someone attempts to move them. Trust our safety-trained tree removal crews to have the education and equipment necessary to safely remove a storm-damaged tree.

Did you know?

The Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson requires permits for work on trees on or near public property, including roads, sidewalks, parks, and other public areas. Additionally, no one may plant willow or poplar trees (called “aggressive trees”) near any road, sidewalk, or walkway, as the roots can break through asphalt and concrete and become a tripping hazard.

Prompt response to emails. Crew did a fantastic job trimming and shaping our ornamental crabapple tree. Absolutely no mess left behind!

John Gruini

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, we'll do it safely and quickly.

Routine Tree Maintenance Saves You Money


Regardless of our availability, tree care emergencies can be expensive as you clean up the damage, replace the roof, and deal with your insurance company. The best way to save money is to use a professional tree service company for smaller, routine tree work, such as maintenance pruning. Schedule a tree professional to conduct an annual inspection of your trees; such a checkup can reveal pending problems and allow you to schedule a tree service job before serious problems occur.

Call us at 914-214-7045 to schedule an inspection or routine tree work.

Professional Tree Service Saves Your Trees


Proper tree care isn't something to leave to chance or to trust to unlicensed, uninsured and inexperienced "tree guys". Improper pruning (like topping a tree), failure to recognize specific pest or disease problems early on, not correcting structural problems (before the limb or tree falls), and removing a tree the wrong way can all lead to property damage and deformed, unhealthy or dying trees.

True tree care professionals understand the biology, mechanics, environmental stressors and growth patterns of trees so they can do the right thing at the right time to keep your trees healthy, beautiful and most importantly, safe.

Call the Cornwall-on-Hudson tree care pros at 914-214-7045 for your free estimate.



Extremely impressive. I'm glad to acknowledge professionalism when I see it and your company operated as a well organized team. You worked at my office and my home that day. The office area where the very large trees were is tight but your crew took it in stride and got the job done. The clean up was also impressive. My home project also went smoothly. I would not have minded if the tree limbs that came down were cleaned up - as well as 2 limbs that landed in adjacent trees. Your firm will be requested to help me again. Thank you Tom

Tom Doerr

The team is so knowledgeable, reliable, and genuinely nice, pleasant people. The work is reasonably priced. It’s always a pleasure to do business with Hill Treekeepers!

Andrea Payne

If your tree is overgrown, unsightly, or blocking the view, let us prune it properly.

Why Choose Hill Treekeepers?

We have over 30 years of experience serving the Hudson Valley area. Our certified arborists pride themselves on providing tree care education to homeowners and business owners in and around Cornwall-on-Hudson. Choose us at Hill Treekeepers to receive licensed and certified experts for your tree care services, including:

ISA certified arborist logo 200

ISA Certified Arborist

Our staff includes ISA Certified Arborists, which means we can provide reliable information on the health of your trees. For example, we don't just trim a tree to make it "look better." We trim and prune according to the health needs of the tree to promote long-term growth for the tree and safety for you and your property.

footer logo CTSP 400

Certified Treecare Safety Professional

We also have a CTSP on staff trained by the Tree Care Industry Association, of which Hill Treekeepers is also a member. This professional can quickly identify hazards and address them accordingly.

Trained Climbers

Not every tree service has climbers on staff, but we do. That means we have professionals who are specially trained in proper tree climbing safety and techniques to provide reliable trimming service for the tallest of trees. A good climber can access parts of a tall tree's canopy that would prove challenging to address otherwise. Also, climbers are a lot of fun to watch!

Licensed and Fully Insured

You can rest assured that we know what we're doing and have the proper safeguards in place to protect you and your property.

Trusted & Recommended by Cornwall-on-Hudson Residents

We may not be the oldest tree service company in the Hudson Valley area, but we are reliable tree service experts providing high-quality service every day.

Don't just take our word for it - check out our customer reviews!

Request an Estimate

Whether you need large tree removal with a crane or want to develop a tree care plan with one of our certified arborists, our team at Hill Treekeepers is here to help. Call us at 845-622-8289 or request a quote online to schedule an inspection for tree services in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

What to Expect When You Hire Hill Treekeepers

At Hill Treekeepers, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality customer service. When you schedule an inspection with a certified arborist or tree service for your home or business, you can expect:

  • Prompt arrival by our professionals and work crews
  • Recommendations only for services your trees need
  • A clear estimate for the work we’ll do on your property
  • Pest and disease treatments that are effective without over-spraying
  • Appropriate pruning according to ANSI A300 Standards (we do not top trees)

About Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

On our days off, we enjoy visiting our neighbors in Cornwall-on-Hudson to visit the Amelia Barr House or driving past Camp Olmsted along Scenic Route 218 to West Point. We love the sights of the old homes and river views, as well as the hiking opportunities in the nearby mountains, especially at Storm King State Park.