Tree Transplanting : Can You Move Trees From One Place to Another?

Absolutely! It’s fall, 2016, and our client in Woodstock, New York had some nice Eastern Red Cedars that were not in the best location on their property.  We suggested moving them, using our expertise in handling live trees for planting and re-planting, to a part of the property where they would enhance the view instead of blocking it.  Read more about Eastern Red Cedars here.


wrapping the root ball for transplanting


Autumn is perfect for this type of work.  Most tree species are typically dormant in late fall and very early spring, and this minimizes the risk of undue stress on the trees, such as cedars.  If there are any minor injuries to the branches they will heal better because there are little to no insect pests to attack the tree and most of its sustaining nutrients are safely stored in the main stem or trunk for the winter.


tree transplanting using Bobcat skidsteer


In the case of this tree transplanting project in Woodstock, the cedars were still small enough to be transported by our skid loader.  By no means is this the biggest job we’ve ever done, but we still take a lot of care because these trees are our customers’ valuable property.


Careful Operation : Tree Transplanting is both an Art and a Science

The new location needs a hole dug that is sufficiently large enough for the root ball to fit with ease.  When we first remove the tree, we ensure that we protect the root systems so that it will have a solid foundation in the new location.  We protect this combination of roots and soil (the root ball) using burlap wrapped around it, just like you often see when you buy larger trees at the nursery.  We use our longtime experience to devise the best method to ease each tree onto the lift arms of our skid loader.


tree on lift arms for transplanting


When the whole move is completed, your trees are re-planted at the correct depth so that air and moisture will reach the roots; a common error in planting trees is to dig too deep a hole and put too much soil over the upper portion of the root system, and if the soil compacts tightly around the tree base, you can actually suffocate your tree.  Read all about how to mulch and care for your trees, especially when you plant them by reading our earlier blog post here.

preparing to plant cedar


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