Here are samples of the kind of tree and shrub care Hill Treekeepers provides for their clients

Feel free to browse all these stories of how our past clients had problems solved by our expert staff.  You can also pick a topic from those listed on the left.  Learn how we provide you with top quality tree and shrub care year-round. Examples include selective pruning, tree removal, planting, transplanting, pest management, and other projects that make your property look stunning.  We service a wide area: Dutchess County, Putnam County, Westchester County, and much of the Hudson Valley.

Reduction cuts in a red maple

A reduction cut of a red maple (Acer Rubrum) should not be a drastic trimming project. As seen in these before and after photos, the excess branches that thickened the canopy of this maple need a minor pruning to reduce the amount of mass in the tree so that air and light can circulate better when the tree goes into full leaf. An ISA-certified arborist is skilled in how to do this work so that your tree remains healthy and the cuts are barely perceptible.

Ice Storm 2008 - A Tale of Two Trees

In 2008, this beech tree suffered serious structural damage due to an ice storm. Hill Treekeepers were called upon to see how best to save the tree. We chose to add stabilizing cables to secure the main leaders that could have presented a danger to people and animals, a method that can help the tree heal safely and not become lost forever.We were very please that some preventive pruning of a Callery Pear just prior to this same storm helped this tree come through the heavy ice cover with no discernible damage. This is what pruning can do to actually save your landscape and your wallet!

Winter pruning of mature white oak

Often winter is the best time to do careful pruning of mature deciduous trees because the arborist can see the tree shape more easily and the tree itself is in a dormant phase and less likely to ooze sap. This type of trimming will remove smaller branches that would otherwise cause the canopy of leaves to be so thick that the sunlight, air, and moisture a tree needs for its health and well-being does not circulate well.The added diagram shows an example of industry standard pruning for health.

Norway Maple with reduction cuts

The cover photo shows a mature Norway maple during the dormant season, with a large number of branches large and small that when leafed out, would minimize light and air which the tree draws on for nourishment. Without the strategic pruning shown in the second photo, this tree was at risk of weakening and becoming hazardous.

Pruning techniques on conifers | Evergreens

Here are examples of pruning done on Eastern White Pines. The goal is to remove enough weight of the crown to avoid splitting and cracking from heavy snow in winter. Avoiding damage from wind, torrential rain, and wet snow and ice will make your conifers last longer and with little or no damage.

Ash Tree Removal Process

Here we demonstrate the use of a crane for taking down an ash tree. This is one of the safest and economical method to use for this type of operation. The use of a type of zip line mechanism to lower the large portions of the tree to the ground to minimize impact on your lawn as well as to reduce overall risk to personnel.

Lightning Damaged Tree

This spruce was struck by lightning. Examination of the damage indicated that the strike had compromised the health of the tree so much that it was deemed safest to remove the spruce completely.Note that to avoid damage to the parkland, the tree branches were removed before felling so that the trunk, or main leader, would not be overly heavy and make a large indentation in the carefully groomed lawn.

Various examples of other work

Among these are 1) vista pruning to gain a view of a distant New York City Skyline 2) the successful transplantation of a 60 foot gingko biloba by our company 3) careful removal of a log from a maple tree and 4) Todd Hill : school project of building a stone wall and walkway while learning his landscaping craft in college 5-8) transplanting Eastern Red Cedars in Woodstock New York