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It’s going into high summer of 2016 now, and we are seeing many regions of the US and Canada being hit hard with Emerald Ash Borer beetles, including a severe outbreak in Ulster and Greene Counties just to the north of Dutchess County.  The New York Invasive Species Information Service has a website where you can learn about where they have identified the beetles as established.  The beetles are moving westward and are infestation is now being confirmed in Nebraska.

sizing photo for EAB

Tiny, beautiful tree killers – it’s the larvae who destroy the tree

Unfortunately, this elegant looking emerald green beetle has meant the decimation of the native ash tree population in many affected areas.  People are also advised about transporting firewood between areas of infestation and areas that show no sign of EAB yet.  All of New York State from just north of the NY Thruway to Long Island are in quarantine as you can see by the map at the NYIS website.

2014 New York Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine Map


If you suspect something is affecting your ash trees, don’t hesitate to contact Hill Treekeepers to have someone check it out for you.

EAB damage

This is how ugly the damage can get


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